Ocean Health Solutions has a team of clinicians and domain experts who understand your problem and can design solutions that will work for your unique needs. Our expert engineering team know the e-health problem space intimately and we provide development capability in a range of specialist areas, including:

  • Solution architecture
  • Integration architecture
  • Message integration implementation
  • Application re-engineering
  • Message schema development


Our professional Ocean team can take the solution design and build, deploy and support applications through the whole development lifecycle.

Ocean’s OceanEHR platform provides a comprehensive and enterprise-ready solution for building and deploying health applications. The platform provides all the heavy lifting around security, privacy, integration, data capture, reporting and deployment. This means that new applications can be rapidly designed, prototyped, built and deployed in a variety of technologies, including cloud, mobile and web-based systems. Ocean’s engineering team can build and support cloud-based web applications, and client server applications, as well as mobile applications built on IOS and Android.

Ocean also has expertise in the complex area of integration in health, where understanding of current health standards is essential. Ocean has extensive experience in HL7 message interfacing with HL7 V2, HL7 CDA and HL7 FHIR standards, including complex message-processing workflows; MPI interfacing; HL7 CDA content; IHE / XDS; Continua Alliance device data; EHR; system scoping and configuration; querying analysis and strategy; deployment of enterprise systems; Performance analysis and scaling.

Ocean can provide its OceanEHR platform for your development team to rapidly build scalable and standards-compliant applications in any technology, including cloud and mobile. OceanEHR provides all the core health record building blocks you need – allowing your team to concentrate on the workflow and useability of the application, as well as build and deploy in record time.

Ocean has a comprehensive team of support engineers who support applications built by us, as well as support teams using the OceanEHR platform to build and deploy applications.